Your clients, their data. You are in control.

How Privateform works

Step 1

Open an account

Simply sign up with your email for the service that keeps your data safe. And helps you comply with the regulations. Because that is important.


Step 2

Personalize your page

Add information about your company. The more, the merrier. It adds credibility when you send a data request to your customers.


Step 3

Add forms to your profile

Pick from predefined forms. Or import your own custom form. The choices are simply unlimited.


Step 4

Send data requests

Select a form from the list. Enter customer information. Click send. Repeat. It is that easy, really.


Step 5

Access collected data

Access and search submitted forms. Anytime and anywhere. And it is all secure, for your convenience.


Keep the data secure and focus on building products your customers love and trust

Easy GDPR compliance in a single product


"Our clients book legal services and share relevant documents through our online portal. Confidentiality is our utmost priority. The trust they placed in us can be easily damaged if we don't ensure their information stays and remains secure and confidential. Privateform gave us all that with a simple and intuitive experience. It uses end-to-end encryption to collect and exchange sensitive data which is significantly more secure than the email service we used before. It also allowed us to easily complete clients' Data Requests (DSRs) mandated by GDPR." Gabriel, Lawyer in the 8th arrondissement, Paris